Inflatable Dock Seals

Thortight Inflatable Dock Seals provide virtually airtight sealed insulation between internal and external environments to solve the problem of air escape in the loading bay.

Companies invest a lot in their buildings in order to maintain the optimum internal temperature – and then the external door is open for loading/unloading, and the air escapes, affecting product integrity, energy bills, working conditions and customer & employee satisfaction.

The use of Thortight inflatable dock seals will:

  • prevent the loss of refrigerated or warm air;
  • minimise the potential for contamination from dirt, dust and insects – vital where food or other hygiene critical products are prepared or stored.
  • provide an enhanced working environment for employees and customers in large stores and companies.

Thortight Inflatable Dock Seals are extremely effective and easy to install, operate and maintain.


Fitted around the sides and top of each loading bay.

The vehicle simply reverses up to the dock as normal and, once in position, the Thortight seals are then inflated – which takes around 30 seconds – to create a tight seal before the doors are then opened and loading/unloading can proceed.

Curved sides guarantee that an effective seal is maintained even in high winds.


Inflates and deflates within 30 seconds.

Air is taken from outside so no internal heated or cooled air is used.

Noise level inside the building is low.

The Seal has a power consumption of just 60W once fully inflated.


Manufactured from Neoprene Polyamide fabric coated with Chloroprene rubber for a smooth and hard-wearing surface.

Everyday wear and tear is minimised because seals are only inflated when the vehicle is in place.

When used correctly alongside complementary accessories such as wheel guides, alignment curbs and dock bumpers, the truck only touches the seal when inflated.


Thortight Inflatable Dock Seals are ideal for the majority of loading bays

Available in eight different sizes to fit doors between 3m and 3.3 m wide and 3.2m and 4.6 m high.

Bespoke seals can be produced to meet specific individual customer requirements.

Standard Dimensions:

Model Usable height above dock Drop curtain length (mm) Min. height above
dock including
drop curtain
Usable vehicle width
Max. Min. Min. Max.
TIDS 3238/1200N/1 3250 2050 N/A N/A 2300 3000
TIDS 3539/1200N/1 3400 2200 N/A N/A 2300 3300
TIDS 3238/1200N/2 3250 2050 300 1750 2300 3000
TIDS 3238/1200N/3 4050 2850 450 2400 2300 3000
TIDS 3539/1200N/2 3400 2200 300 1900 2300 3300
TIDS 3539/1200N/3 4050 2850 450 2400 2300 3300
TIDS 3539/1200N/4 4650 3450 450 3000 2300 3300