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Seals and Shelters

An efficient loading bay relies on maintaining a consistent temperature – so choose seals and shelters from Thorworld Industries to keep your loading bay protected.

In a typical warehouse, distribution centre, large store or factory, loading bays can be in frequent use throughout a typical working day. As a result, companies can incur increased energy costs and detrimental environmental conditions as their climate control systems struggle to maintain a consistent internal temperature, during loading and unloading operations when external doors are constantly opened and closed.

Reasons why seals and shelters can make a difference to your loading bay:

Maintain the ambient temperature in cold store environments;

Minimise heat loss to prevent unnecessary energy bills and keep costs low;

Protect warehouse personnel from cold;

Minimise slip hazards by preventing water / rain ingress;

“With continuing concern regarding high energy prices, more and more companies are looking to cut the cost of their fuel bills. One of the first places to achieve energy savings is in the loading bay – particularly if you operate an ambient or temperature controlled building such as a cold store.” John Meale, Managing Director, Thorworld Industries

Thorworld Industries offers an extensive range of seals and shelters to control temperatures and improve loading bay efficiency.

We offer a free survey and quotation from one of our dedicated Sales Team to ensure that you choose the most suitable product for your application.

Inflatable Dock Seals

Ensure an efficient seal to minimise heat loss where products are being loaded/unloaded into a cold store environment. Suitable for use with a wide range of vehicles.

Dock Pad Seals

An effective alternative to dock seals available in conventional and inflatable formats.

Dock Shelters

Where refrigeration is not an issue, Fixed or Collapsible Dock Shelters provide ideal loading bay protection.


Support operations where there is no dedicated loading bay with alternative aids such as Dock Shelter Curtains or Aprons.